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  • Losing Virginity Lesbian Sapphic Erotica Kimberly Movies
    This isn't as good as it should be, because the camera angle sucks. Only in the last three clips can you see very well. In the last clip, you can see what is going on really well.

  • Losing Virginity Lesbian Sapphic Laila Pixie
    They go crazy inserting the double dildo into each other

  • Losing Virginity Lesbian Angelique Juliet Roxanne Sapphic Erotica
    More of the same

  • Losing Virginity Lesbian Sapphic Videos Lucie Rene
    This is the video we made after the pictures.

  • Losing Virginity Lesbian Free Sapphic Erotica Gallery
    This was supposed to be a three-girl scene, but Sam was upset because she was being left out, so I included her. It got kind of crowded on the little couch, but I guess in some ways the more is always the merrier. Sal from LittleMutt.com helped me shoot the video.

  • Losing Virginity Lesbian Sapphic Erotica Mpeg Free Sample
    Nadia and Julia (blonde) celebrate their birthday outdoors. This is the other Nadia and Julia series. As far as we know, there are no more of them together.

  • Losing Virginity Lesbian Sapphicerotica And Nicole And Anna Videos
    Eva (on the left) and her friend Erica kiss passionately as only girls who are truely turned on by each other can while they undress each other slowly and then lick each others' pussies and finger fuck each other. They like to use two fingers.

  • Losing Virginity Lesbian Pixie Sapphic Erotica Movies
    Julie and Teresa kiss and finger fuck each other. The last clip shows Teresa finger fucking Julie really well.

  • Losing Virginity Lesbian Bridget Darlene Sapphic Erotica Download
    Joyce (blonde) and Patricia remove each others' bathing suits and kiss and Patricia finger fucks Joyce using two fingers. Then they use a double dildo, both in turn and together. Then they go frolic in the sand. It was smart of them to stay out of the sand until they were finished using the dildo.